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998 – Henricus Martinellus: Insularium 1490 and other maps

Yet another old map of Mount Athos on parchment from the library of the University of Leiden, appr. 1490.Just as the Buondelmondi map it does not show a fysical reality of the Holy Mountain (thanks to Vasilis). Another map of … Continue reading

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997 – Buondelmonti, Cristoforo 1420

Mount Athos, manuscript on vellum with many Greek islands 1420. Go to the database of the National Maritime museum (UK) to zoom in en read the text. A 19th century version of this medieval manuscript was already on our long … Continue reading

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986 – Athos on Google Earth / Community Walk

This map shows you the most important buildings on the Holy Mountain and might help you get around. Beware, Google Earth and Panaramio isn’t that acurate with positioning places and pictures, so you better look here (also see Links: “Map … Continue reading

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980 – Maps (high res)

The Cutsinger map. The Rolf Gross map. The Russian map The Russian map 2 hv

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954 – update Zwerger map

Our reader “art101” send us these pictures of an update from 2007 made by mr Zwerger himself. This month we received the sad news that mr Zwerger died this spring 2009. As a tribute to his important role for pilgrims … Continue reading

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864 – more maps

In 716 I showed you a new map of Mount Athos, which might be better than the Zwerger-map, although this last map shows more (old and disappeared) paths. I found another map in my archive and I’ll show it here, … Continue reading

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837 – Akte: Athos in ancient Greece I

Before Christianity came to the peninsula of Athos the piece of land was called Akte. Very little is known about these small – unimportant – villages. In this blog I will show you some of the antique findings that are … Continue reading

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808 – Research in the seas around Athos

The 2003 Season consisted of a two-week project surveying the seas off the Mt. Athos peninsula in search of remains of a Persian fleet which sank there in about 492 B.C. during Darius’ first attempt to invade Greece. According to … Continue reading

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716 – new Athos map 2007

This week I bought this map at my local travel and map bookstore “Pied a Terre“. After the one and only map of Zwerger (Wien, Austria), which I used on all my trips to Mount Athos, this map is surprizingly … Continue reading

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600 – Petr Sevastianov

Petr Ivanovich Sevastianov, the known Russian 19 th century art collector, focused his interests, among other things, to the localization, the documentation and the representation of sites and monuments of Holy Mt Athos, during his well organized campaigns. Between 1850-60, … Continue reading

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