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1795 – update online Athos map

With the help of the new Athos map  – as mentioned below in post 1794 – I updated the online Athos-map on Community Walk (also see Links in the right column of this blog). Wim Voogd, 21-02

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1794 – two new Athos maps – a review

Yesterday I received two recently published Athos maps by Filathonites. The maker is Peter Howorth from New Zealand. The map is also compiled by Roland Baetens from Belgium, a FoMA footpaths specialist and Dimitris Bakalis from Greece. John Arnell of FoMA … Continue reading

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1756 – New map of Mount Athos

There is a new map Mount Athos available . Water-  and rip- proof and The first highly accurate map of Mt Athos as is it stated on the map. This last part is not true because the first accurate map of … Continue reading

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1719 – more Athos maps

Today I bought this Athos map made by It is published in 2006 therefore it is not a new map, but still it is interesting, because the map is accompanied by a small book of 47 pages, with a … Continue reading

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1708 – French Athos map from 1780

“Carte du Sud-est de la Chalcidique, avec les presqu’îles du Mont-Athos de Longos et de partie de Cassandra”, from 1780 The map is not very accurate, but it is one of the better and detailed Athos maps I have seen. Between … Continue reading

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1609 – Athos in Italian museums

During my last holiday in Italy I visited several museums. In two of them, the Palazzo Piti, Palatine Gallery, in Florence and the Doge Palace in Venice I found these very fine woodcuts. Palazzo Pitti – Monte Athos 1580 and … Continue reading

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1607- The island of Caprus

Before reaching Ierisssos, one of the harbours to start the trip to Athos,  there are some long stretched beaches. The straight line of the beach is interrupted by a more curved piece of land.         On older maps this piece … Continue reading

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