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1802 – Maroudá: the interior

Jan Paul ten Bruggencate has been a frequent visitor in the kelli Maroudá. He offered to show us around in the premises and to be our guide.The wooden entrance to main building of Maroudá, with the chapel on the right.The … Continue reading

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1801 – the Alexander frieze in Maroudá

Almost all paintings and fresco’s in Athos show us religious scenes: the live of Christ, Holy Saints and stories from the Bible are told on the murals. You will not find any secular images, because Athos monks focus on their … Continue reading

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1789 – the Maroudá trapeza

I ended post number 1775 with pictures of the lovely lunch we had in the trapeza of Maroudá. Today we will take a closer look at the refined and extraordinary paintings on the trapeza walls.Pilgrims Jitze and Gert Jan enjoying a … Continue reading

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1775 – Maroudá: an unexpected meeting with friends

On Sunday September 20th 2015 a special occasion took place. After entering the beautiful courtyard of Maroudá we received a warm welcome by father Makarios. My Athos friend Jan Paul ten Bruggencate took this picture in 2011. “Jan Paul is … Continue reading

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1771 – the hike from skiti Andreou – Maroudá

After arriving in Dafni on September 20th and the bustrip to Karyes, we went to skiti Andreou, where we would spend the night. We reveiced a traditional welcome with coffee, a light red Tsipourou with a special fruit taste, loukoumi and … Continue reading

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1721 – the hike from Provata to Timiou Stavrou

Today I will show you the last part of our hike of our 2014 trip in September. We started walking at the Moldavian kelli of Provata (A). A = Provata, B = Agios Georgios, C = Agios Artemios D = Timiou … Continue reading

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1715 – Provata

Between Karakalou and Lakkou Skiti lies the area called Provata. It is a settlement of a few larger kellions, f.e. Panaghia, St. George and St Andreou, witch were founded by mainly Slavic monks. The settlemnet we visited is one of the … Continue reading

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1697 – the interior of kelli of Father Alexi in Cucuvinu / Provata

After the “warm” welcome with a cup of coffee and old winter coats (see 1669), Father Alexi invited us in to have a look in his house. Pligrim Jitze communicates by writing his name on a notebook.The house next to his … Continue reading

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1696 – the hike from Lakkou skiti to Provata through Cucuvinu valley

We will never forget the friendly and helpfull Father Gabriel of hut nr 6 of Lakkou skiti where spend the night (see 1669). Before we left the skiti he gave us detailed information how to find our way to Provata … Continue reading

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1675 – the Tower of Kaletzi: another Latin monastery on Athos (at Kolitsou or Colciu)?

We all know that today 20 monasteries exist on the Holy Mountain. But we also have information and proof that there used to be more monasteries. Most people who visited Athos have been to the Zygou monastery near the border, … Continue reading

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