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1881 – Album du Mont Athos 1913

A very nice photo album made by hieromonk Stephanou in 1913. A very complete account in photo’s of monasteries and sketes. Stephanou lived in a cell (kellion) in Karyes dedicated to the apostle Thomas:Here are some more photos from this … Continue reading

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1876 – Eight unknown spots in Athos

In recent posts we showed some of the earliest negatives from the year 1853, by Ernest de Caranza & Emile Charles Labbé. We don’t recognize all the place the pictures were taken. They were shot in a time when it … Continue reading

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1861 – Find the differences

Xiropotamou in 1853. Photo by Ernest de Caranza and Emile Charles Labbé. Watch the figure in the tower on the right. Xiropotamou in 2013. Photo by H. Voogd. The towerclock is not round shaped anymore and they plastered the church … Continue reading

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1860 – The earliest photographs of Mount Athos 1853

In 1853 photographer Ernest de Caranza and artist Emile Charles Labbé (probably both sitting next to the ship in the harbour of Pantocratoros)) visited Mount Athos and made a series of photographs to make an album compromising 87 salt prints … Continue reading

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1858 – Athos film in French from 1963

This film is black and white, 13′.35 minutes long, with a long interview with a French speaking monk Pavlos Lavriotis – 1885 – 1980 (photo above) and images of the last remaining six inhabitants of skiti Andreou, see pictures below.A monk from Mongolia, … Continue reading

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1853 – Skiti Andreou: historical pictures

The ossuary of Andreou: also see the more recent pictures of Raymond Geldermans from April 1982 in post 1851.The old trapeza: this mist be the oval room on the picture below, taken from the garden. Notice the wall paintings: nowadays they disappeared … Continue reading

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1758 – The photo’s of Athelstan Riley, 1883

In 1883 Englishman Athelstan Riley visited Athos and made a lot of photo’s which he used for his book Athos or The Mountain of the Monks which was published in 1887. Some of the photo’s and the derived prints we … Continue reading

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1713 – Athos book from Poland 1908

On Europeana I found this complete book by X. Marcin Czerminski T. J. called Na górze Athos wśród mniszej republiki (The monastic republic of Mount Athos) in Polish. Here are some interesting photographs: This is again a photo of the … Continue reading

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1709 – Athos pictures from a French photo album from 1917-1918

These pictures are from a privat photo album, shot during the First World War by a French “Aviateur”. He visited Athos at the same time as Gabriel Millet did, who published part of his pictures in his book “Monuments de … Continue reading

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1708 – French Athos map from 1780

“Carte du Sud-est de la Chalcidique, avec les presqu’îles du Mont-Athos de Longos et de partie de Cassandra”, from 1780 The map is not very accurate, but it is one of the better and detailed Athos maps I have seen. Between … Continue reading

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