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1704 – A miracle in Dafni

After a coffee in the café of Dafni, I went for a walk. The boys stayed around the harbour enjoying themselves with the kittens. We had to wait for our connecting boat to Ouranopolis. I wanted to explore in the … Continue reading

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1703 – The first bus on Athos was a Mercedes

The road from the harbour of Dafni to the village of Karyes was build in 1963 when the millenium (963-1963) celebrations took place. Before that there was a path (monopati) and mules took the pilgrims to Karyes where they got … Continue reading

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1643 – How about transport to Athos when it is storming?

When the waves are as high as this (Dafni by Giannis Keliotes) the ferries won’ t sail to the harbours of Dafni or the monasteries. But is this also the case with the much smaller boattaxi or is it possible … Continue reading

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1489 – 3 restaurants/tavernas on Mount Athos

This is the taverna in the harbour of Dafni This is a new cafe in Karyes where they serve good coffee. Located on the square with buses and taxis. The taverna in Karyes on the right. It also used to … Continue reading

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1462- The harbour of Dafni in full swing

Short impression of our arrival at Dafni in 2013. hv

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1410 – The harbour of Dafni

This is Dafni in the beginning of the 20th century. It looks like it was not a real harbour yet. No quai to go easy on land. In the top right corner a small part of the monastery of Xerapotamou. … Continue reading

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1371 – Waiting at Dafni harbour

This is the harbour of Dafni where you start your stay on Athos if you want to go to Karyes or to the other side of the peninsula to Vatopedi or Lavra. You can also enter on various other harbours … Continue reading

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1333 – old Athos postcards and pictures

Today I will show you a collection of miscellaneous postcards and images of Athos, that gathered from the internet in the last months. The first picture is from two men near a well, probably in the beginning of the last century, … Continue reading

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1286 – historical pictures of Athos

1904: Karyes main street 1910: the harbor of Chilandariou with Ag. Basiliou in the background: Peter, the King of Serbia, gets an official welcome. 1913: the Axion Esti icon in front of Koutloumousiou 1919 4-17 July: the English admiral A. Kaltorpa … Continue reading

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1256 – Diamonitirion and Dafni (day 1)

Ouranopolis: the room where every pilgrimage to Athos starts: the Pilgrimsbureau. At 6 o’clock in the morning we picked up our Diamonitirion (October 3th 2011). In front of the Pilgrimsbureau: a final check before leaving for the boat at 6.30 … Continue reading

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