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1937 – May 2017: the flight over Athos

This year I booked a flight above the peninsula of Athos to take aerial pictures. Because of busy times at  work I was not able to sort out all the pictures, that’s why it took some time to share them with … Continue reading

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1936 – Esfigmenou, first day, last leg.

The dirt road lingered down, until it finally met the flat and wide dirt road between Chilandariou and its harbour. That busy road, to Athonian standards, is lined with cypresses. Along its way there are so many cypresses, you could … Continue reading

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1934 – Div Rajkovic, photographer and a true friend of Mount Athos

Here, in one of the dormitories of Esfigmenou we met Div Rajkovic in May 2017, a very friendly man from Serbia also known as Lazar(us), his Athonian name. We had an interesting conservation about Esfigmenou and how friendly the monks … Continue reading

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1917 – The sound of the tálanton at Esfigmenou

This is what we heard when entering the monastery of Esfigmenou after a long walk coming from  the other coast,  from Thibais. The beating on the wooden tálanton is a call for the monks to go to the church. Only … Continue reading

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1887 – Esfigmenou: Saloniki court sentences zelotes

Penalty of 20 years imprisonment imposed by the Mixed Jury Court of Thessaloniki to the abbot of the Old Brotherhood of the Holy Monastery Esfigmenou of Mount Athos, as well as in another monk of the same brotherhood on the incidents … Continue reading

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1793 – BBC television 14/2/16: Simon Reeve visits Athos/Esfigmenou illegaly

Although it was announced that Simon Reeve would show his journey to the Peloponnese tonight, but to my surprize he ended up in the North of Greece, where he filmed his visit to the Holy Mountain. First he takes the … Continue reading

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1792 – the Esfigmenou – Vatopedi hike

This might be the spot where things went wrong for Herman, Bas and Jacques, see the red X on Google maps:The picture below is taken on the dirt road, where the monopati starts, at spot X.On the map below you … Continue reading

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1791 – The last and lost leg of the day (day two, fifth episode)

Looking back towards the entrance of Esfigmenou. The clock, guarded by two flagpoles, shows Athonian times. The palm tree will have a visitor in a couple of months, the ladder is already placed at its foot for the harvest of … Continue reading

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1785 – Twenty monasteries in seven days: day 5, to Esfigmenou

This is the 5th episode of seven of the  Athos trip done by Goulven Le Goff and his brother Ivonig from Rennes, France made in May 2015. They visited all 20 monasteries in one week. Day 5 was another unpredictable … Continue reading

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1777 – Inside Esfigmenou (day two, third intermezzo)

The guesthouse where we received so much hospitality from the friendly monks of Esfigmenou. After the common welcoming drinks the guest monk asked if we wanted to eat something. He brought a full vegetarian meal, that really tasted well. The … Continue reading

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