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1655 – recent pictures from Athos

Today my brother Herman (& son and friend Bas & sons) ended his Athos winter journey and he just sent me these pictures:             Grigoriou when the snow started and the next day 30/12/2104 Simonospetras … Continue reading

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1436 – Paulou’s guestrooms

The rooms for pelgrims in Paulou are in the monastery itself. The monastery has  a lot of rooms and normally you don’t have to book in advance. The red arrow is pointing at the guestquarters. In particulary it points to … Continue reading

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1404 – Paulou by Barsky

The monastery of Paulou in 1744. Drawing by Barsky. All the Barsky drawings have a high level of realism. The object in the middle is a rock against the monastery walls. On the left a transportation system with a basket.On … Continue reading

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1364 – The Tower near Paulou

This old tower is located on the beach near the monastery of Paulou (on the right). From here it is still a half hour walk to the monastery. In 2011 we stayed the night at Paulou to rise early in … Continue reading

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659 – Gifts to Jesus

The Wise Men then presented Jesus with three gifts – gold (a precious alloy), frankincense (perfume) and myrrh (anointing oil). Scholars debate whether the gifts were medicinal or materials, but each had symbolic value. Gold was kingship on earth, while … Continue reading

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369 – Pavlou by car

If you hire a car and go to Pavlou you will experience some stunning views. Photo’s by Alexander Kleshchev, august 2007. taxiDionysiou, photo taken from 800 meters. According to Zwergers map there is a footpath from this point more or … Continue reading

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307 – Legend of the Twelve

When greek writer George Zarkadakis was in the monastery of Paulou (photo by hv, may 2007) he heard this story: You know the legend of the Twelve? asked father -Ioakim as we waited for the weather to change in the … Continue reading

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