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1893 – arsanas Karakalou

September 24th 2015 we hiked the coastal trail between Iviron and Karakalou. Today we take a closer look at arsanas Karakalou. I forgot to mention that if you pass Mylopotamos, I would advice to walk to the vineyards instead of … Continue reading

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1855 – Dutch monks on Athos

Sofar we discovered three Dutch monks who lived on the Holy Mountain. All three in Karakalou: Pachomios, K.  and someone unknown. This is the story of fourth Dutchman on Athos, Hilarion of Xeropotamou. Guestmonk Pachomios here in the garden of … Continue reading

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1847 – The story of a young Dutchman

In the summer holidays of 1994 one of the pupils of Dutch teacher Raymond Geldermans made a big decision. It was a hot summer in the Netherlands. Nelson Mandela had just become the first black president in South Africa. The … Continue reading

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1830 – Athos in French magazine L’Illustration 1920 (2)

In December 1920 the French magazine L’Illustration published two articles about mount Athos, in post 1829 I showed you the images from the Noel-Christmas publication from december 4th 1920. Today I will present the pictures and watercolors from the magazine … Continue reading

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1808 – Athos 30 years ago: 26th of April 1986

30 years ago I began my second Athos pilgrimage: after recieving our Diamoniterion in Karyes we started out to reach the monastery of Karakalou.Looking back at Karyes and KoutloumousiouOn this spot we took a rest and drank some water from … Continue reading

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1784 – Twenty monasteries in seven days : day 4, a day full of adventures

This is the fourth episode of seven of the  Athos trip done by Goulven Le Goff and his brother Ivonig from Rennes, France made in May 2015. They visited all 20 monasteries in one week.   This day was the most … Continue reading

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1724 – pictures of Karakalou

We did not plan to stay in Karakalou during our 2014 trip to Athos, but because of a change of plans we ended up returning to this beautifull monastery. At first the Greek archondaris was not very pleased to see … Continue reading

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1698 – Athos trip 2014 on You Tube: arriving in …

Three short amateur videos, all shot at the moment of arriving in: 1. Skiti Prof. Eliou (Sept. 1st 2014) 2. kelli Timiou Stavrou (Sept. 2nd 2014) and 3. Moni Karakalou (Sept. 5th 2014). Wim Voogd, 18/3 (NB. For those who … Continue reading

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1651 – Karakalou

On our trip to Timiou Stavrou we made a short stop at Karakalou, and I could say hello to the Dutch monk Pachomios, who we met last year when we slept in the monastery. We found Pachomios working in the … Continue reading

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1649 – the hike from Filotheou to Karakalou

After a short visit to Filotheou we continued our trip to Karakalou and Kellion Timiou Stavrou. This part of the hike was 2.37 km long and it took me 40 minutes, mainly over beautiful monopati’s. I had a 10 minute … Continue reading

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