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1762 – Into the cellar of Zografou. (Day one, part four)

In light rain we passed a church that is left to decay just as it was six years ago. Coming from the Chera crossing the church is the first building just before entering the monastic complex of Zografou. It is … Continue reading

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1761 – An afternoon walk to Zografou. Day one, part three.

In the kiosk at the entrance of Vatopediou we received a detailed description of the walk to Zografou from a very friendly, hospitable monk. He houses as a guard in a little office just behind the entrance gate. He telephoned … Continue reading

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1748 – the cave of St. Cosmas

What can I add to the two briljant stories with fine pictures of Bas Kamps in post 1024 and 1025? As mentioned in my last post from yesterday it is sad to see how the surroundings of the cave are destroyed … Continue reading

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1747 – hike: Chilandariou to Sografou

On September 25th 2013 we walked this hike of 7,74 km’s in 2 hours and 1 minute. This is including a detour to the cave of St. Cosmas. On the following spots I took the pictures you can see below. … Continue reading

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1745 art: Tsanko Lavrenov

Tsanko Lavrenov (Bulgarian: Цанко Лавренов) was a Bulgarian painter and art critic born in Plovdiv 1896, deceased in 1978. He is one of the most prominent, influential and distinctive Bulgarian artists of the 20th century. A modernist influenced by the … Continue reading

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1744 – arsanas Sografou

In 2013 we hiked from Sografou to the harbour/arsanas of the monastery. It is a 45 minutes walk, mainly over dirt road. Just before reaching the arsanas you can take a path, the last remnants of the original monopati. the spot … Continue reading

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1520 – old postcards from Athos by J.S. Varsano

Here are some postcards from monasteries and a skete dating the beginning of the last century (1906) PanteleimonDocheiariouSkiti Andreou, sent 1915 (without the main church, the situation before 1900)SografouVatopediou Wim, 9/3

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1444 – book Dölger: Athos monasteries in 1941

In 1941 a German scientific expedision visited Athos. Prof Dr Dölger published a book in 1942, with many black and white pictures (also see 599, 1399 and 1281). Diamonitirion 1941 Today I will show the old pictures of the monasteries we plan to … Continue reading

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1438 – The path from Chilandariou to Sografou

The footpath from Chilandariou (arrow on the left) to Sografou monastery (arrow on the right). It takes about 100 minutes to walk to Sografou.Leaving the Serbian monastery of Chilandariou.View on the ruins of the seaside monastery Vasiliou, a small island, … Continue reading

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1414 – St. Georgios kathisma

These monks and one policeofficer are on the ro0f of Sografou monastery. In the background St. Georgios Kathisma. Photo shot in 1960.     Again the Kathisma of Georgeou and probably the monasteries roof were the photo above was taken. Photo by … Continue reading

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