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1787 – Twenty monasteries in seven days: Day 7, the last day

This is the last episode of seven of the  Athos trip done by Goulven Le Goff and his brother Ivonig from Rennes, France made in May 2015. They visited all 20 monasteries in one week. Many thanks for their exciting … Continue reading

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1755 – changes on the Holy Mountain?

During my last visit to the Holy Mountain monk Michael, the Lebanse archondaris of Simonaspetras,  told us that the number of pilgrims was booming: the expectation for this year 120.000 pilgrims, for 2016 they expect 150.000 visitors! And  10 years ago, … Continue reading

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1709 – Athos pictures from a French photo album from 1917-1918

These pictures are from a privat photo album, shot during the First World War by a French “Aviateur”. He visited Athos at the same time as Gabriel Millet did, who published part of his pictures in his book “Monuments de … Continue reading

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1488 – feast of the Exaltation of the Cross in Xiropotamou

About 1928: Robert Byron, author of The Station, Athos: Treasures and Men made this picture in Xiropotamou in september during the feast of the Exaltation of the Cross.On september 27th 2013 during the same festivities we visited Xiropotamou. Although it … Continue reading

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1371 – Waiting at Dafni harbour

This is the harbour of Dafni where you start your stay on Athos if you want to go to Karyes or to the other side of the peninsula to Vatopedi or Lavra. You can also enter on various other harbours … Continue reading

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1360 – Xirapotamou in 1744

This is the monastery of Xiropotamou drawn by Barski or Barsky in 1744.  Very detailed and as we compare it with the recent foto’s you see how little things have changed. The tower on the left is still there but … Continue reading

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860 – postcards Konstamonitou and Xiropotamou

Whenever I visit bookstores or markets with old books I try to look for Athos-related things, but I seldom find something: last week luck was on my side, because I found something small here in Amsterdam, a Greek postcard from … Continue reading

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