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1910 – Koutloumousiou monastery: part 3

Let’s continue our exploration of the courtyard:The balconies in the North-East corner: the kitchen and the bakery (Γ 1 and Γ 3), with a large clock on the wall. Here are pilgrim Gert Jan and me standing in front of the … Continue reading

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1909 – Koutloumousiou monastery: part 2

Let’s continue my photo essay about Koutloumousiou, which I started in post 1903. Today we will walk around the outer walls and we will have a look inside the courtyard. Here is plan of the monasery (made in 2000) and … Continue reading

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1904 – ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ ΑΝΕΣΤΗ / Christos Anesti!

Easter liturgy in the Protaton in 1958, photographed by Chrysostomus Dahm, who published them in 1959 in his book Athos, Berg der Verklärung.Gouverneur Konstantopoulos and Protos Nathanael in the ProtatonThe ending of the Easter ceremonies: a meeting in the Iera Kinotis … Continue reading

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1903 – Koutloumousiou monastery -1

September 23th 2015 we paid a visit to this monastery. In this photo essay I will show you the pictures I took. Here is a plan of monastery and its surroundings:and on the next satelite picture you see the spots where … Continue reading

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1890 – Kaliagra (arsanas Koutloumousiou)

Kaliagra was the principal point of entry to Athos up to the middle of the 20th century. It’s decline started when people started using the Ouranoupolis-Dafni route to visit Athos. The pictures show you how the decline looks like. This … Continue reading

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1784 – Twenty monasteries in seven days : day 4, a day full of adventures

This is the fourth episode of seven of the  Athos trip done by Goulven Le Goff and his brother Ivonig from Rennes, France made in May 2015. They visited all 20 monasteries in one week.   This day was the most … Continue reading

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1276 – the path from Koutloumousiou to Iviron

After our short visit to Koutloumousiou we started walking to Iviron. With the help of a GPS-App I could trace the route that we walked and show it here on Google maps. The distance was 4,86 kilometers and it took … Continue reading

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1275 – Koutloumousiou: fresco’s from the Exonarthex

Unfortunately I did not have enough time to shoot some good pictures in the exonarthex of Koutloumousiou on October 3th 2011. Here are some of them, starting with two still shots from a video my friend Jitze took: Shooting pictures … Continue reading

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1274 – Koutloumousiou

Koutloumousiou 1989 2011 Not a lot of pilgrims spend a night in Koutloumousiou. When we tried to get a place to sleep in 1986 we were told to book a room in the Karyes Hotel, only 15 minutes away. Most … Continue reading

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1235 – the Koutloumousiou Garden Project

This week the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture (Academie van Bouwkunst) launched a project of four students, who’s assignment was to design a botanical garden for the Holy Monastery Kotloumousiou on Mount Athos. In the spring of 2011 a group landscape architecture students … Continue reading

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