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1508 – Timber in Iviron

Apart from the shops in Karyes and in the monasteries there is not much visible commercial activity on Athos. Here you see the timber trade. Most of the monasteries own large parts of forestland on the pensinsula and they sell … Continue reading

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1443 – old and new Athos pictures

Iviron 1926 Iviron 2011, witout the small house in the garden and the tower has a roof nowadays. Athanasius well – 19?? Athansius well 4/10/2011 Amalfi tower – 19?? Amalfi tower – 1986, without the surrounding forrest. I wonder what … Continue reading

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1421 – Iviron by Barsky

The Russian pilgim Vasily Barsky visited Athos twice (1725 and 1744). Barsky ‘s drawings are valued especially for the accuracy of their architectural detail in an age before photography. (quote from Graham Speake in his famous book Mount Athos Renewal … Continue reading

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1343 – Karyes and Iviron by Papaloukas

Spyros Papaloukas 1892 – 1957. The work of this greek artist is still highly appreciated as you can see here. Iviron Iviron Photo by Alexander Kleshchev HV + WV  

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1278 – outside Iviron: the Chapel of the Panaghia and the Arsanas

While prepairing our trip to Athos I used the Road Map of Athos to look for new paths and interesting routes. My plan was to walk from Karyes to Koutloumousiou and Iviron, and from Iviron to Karakalou. On the Road … Continue reading

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1277 – Panaghia chapel near Iviron

In the last post I showed pictures from this small chapel near Iviron. This picture gives you an impression how the situation looks now (photo thanks to Jitze). How different the situation was in 1997! Our reader Hans Overduin send … Continue reading

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1276 – the path from Koutloumousiou to Iviron

After our short visit to Koutloumousiou we started walking to Iviron. With the help of a GPS-App I could trace the route that we walked and show it here on Google maps. The distance was 4,86 kilometers and it took … Continue reading

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1223 – Iviron: pictures from Russia

I found these fine pictures on a Russian site, some of them taken with wide angle lens. You can read about the wonder of a beggar who visited Iviron in 1917 an how the archondaris had to refuse him entering … Continue reading

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1160 – The 20 Monasteries in ranking order

12345 6 7 891011121314 15 16 17 18 19 20 hv

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1008 – drawing by Charles Martel 1918/1919

arsanas Iviron Here are some photos of Charles Martels expedition in 1918. he made some other drawings which we showed in blogpostnr.445 The same tower taken from the other side by B. Kamps. Arsanas Iviron tower by hv 2009 hv

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