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1844 – Raymond Geldermans’ travels to the Holy Mountain

Sometimes a chain of unexpected events leads to a surprising outcome. That is how most of the inventions arise. A former colleague of mine wanted a fresh start on the labour market after her world tour and after the birth … Continue reading

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1834 – Athos film from Dutch pilgrims april 2016

My fellow Athos pilgrim Peter Ariese, who visited Athos in 2011 for the first time together with our group, came back to the Holy Mountain April this year, this time joined by his brother and Albert Hollander, who made this … Continue reading

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1831 – The Iviron Chapel at the Iberian Gate on the Red Square

In a chapel close to the main entrance of the monastery of Iviron, behind red decorated doors the famous icon Panagia Portaitissa can be venerated. A friendly monk who was on guard kindly gave me a postcard of the icon. … Continue reading

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1829 – Athos in French magazine L’Illustration 1920 (1)

In December 1920 two  articles about Athos were published in the French magazine L’Illustration, one in the (extra thick) Christmis edition of December 4th and the second on December 25th 1920. Both articles describe the pilgrimage of the author Georges … Continue reading

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1828 – Inside Iviron (towards the end of the third day)

After we installed ourselves in the guestroom at Iviron we relaxed for a while on our beds in the narrow white washed room with a very high ceiling. It had been a long day walking, starting in Vatopediou. When I … Continue reading

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1824 – Coastal towers along the monopati to Iviron (day three, final leg)

We left Stavonikita a bit against our will. We would have loved to stay a candlelit night here. But it was full so we made a reservation for Iviron, the next stop. A last view of the well restored Monastery … Continue reading

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1784 – Twenty monasteries in seven days : day 4, a day full of adventures

This is the fourth episode of seven of the  Athos trip done by Goulven Le Goff and his brother Ivonig from Rennes, France made in May 2015. They visited all 20 monasteries in one week.   This day was the most … Continue reading

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1730 – Approaching Iviron from the east

Coming from the winery of Mylopotamos it takes a half hour walk to reach the monastery of Iviron.  The route is not that interesting but the views are great. Below on the photo the spot where the Virgin went ashore.  … Continue reading

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1608 – surprizing Athos: a ‘new’ aqueduct near Iviron!

Every now and then I discover “new” objects on the Holy Mountain. My good friend Jan Paul ten Bruggencate (83)visited Athos last May and he sent me this picture of this beautiful aqueduct, that can be found about one kilometer … Continue reading

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1508 – Timber in Iviron

Apart from the shops in Karyes and in the monasteries there is not much visible commercial activity on Athos. Here you see the timber trade. Most of the monasteries own large parts of forestland on the pensinsula and they sell … Continue reading

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