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How to plan a visit?

To start with: every pilgrimage to Athos starts with an email send to the pilgrimsbureau in Ouranopolis: athosreservation at sign Please notice: in this post use the words “at sign” instead of the symbol @, to prevent spy-bots to hack … Continue reading

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2271 – after 400 years: a (second) new building in Karyes

The Greek website tells us that this new building in Karyes is the second(!) modern building in 400 years, called Samaradiko and that belongs to Lavra, and that it is almost ready to be used. The name is taken … Continue reading

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2261 – a new site with routes for hikers on Mount Athos

Athos friend Vasílis found this new (since October 2022) and excellend site,, with 70 detailled walking routes on the Holy Mountain, shown in Google maps. All tracks can by seen with satellite images. The text is in Greek, but … Continue reading

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2254 – FoMa footpath team 2022 – part 1: from Ouranopolis to Dafni and Vatopedi

“No pilgrimage to Athos for me this year, or so I thought”, because at the beginning of 2022 it turned out that traveling to Athos was still difficult, because of the protective measures to prevent the Corona virus from spreading … Continue reading

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1959 – quick update of the list of email adresses of the monasteries

One of our readers shared these email adresses of Karakallou monastery, to make reservations. or I added the adress to our list of email adresses in post “1835 – reservations by email“. It is likely that your mail … Continue reading

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2039 – a short visit to Konstamonitou – 2

Let’s continue our visit to Konstamonitou on September 18th 2018 (see 2038 for post 1). After entering the monastery through the main entrance (Δ), we turned right, to go to the archondariki – guesthouse on the second floor (Z2). Waiting … Continue reading

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1905 – new Bulgarian documentary film about Athos: “The Garden of Theotokos”?

Last week I received an email from Silvia Stoyanova, producer of PavloFFilms. This is what she wrote to me to promote their new film about Athos: “Our film is made for a wider audience as from the start we decided that we … Continue reading

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1835 – A Pilgrimage to Athos: how to make a reservation by email or online: for updates (since July 2023): see Page “How to plan a visit?”.

Updates -short discription-: 27 June 2023: text ajustments and more information about how to ask for a Diamoniterion, general info and a new (third!) emailadress of Dionysiou, plus a telephone number of Kerasia 19 March 2023: Sografou now also has … Continue reading

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1400 – Mount Athos book title list

Last updated 14/08/2019 Dear readers, We proudly present this list of Athos books, that we collected in the past years. We do not pretend to present a complete list of books, but it is slowly growing (about 160 – 2013). … Continue reading

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Athos Weblog The header photograph is from 30th September 2022, made by me, Wim Voogd, when I was in Vatopedi monastery together with the footpath team of the Friends of Mount Athos . The recent pictures are taken with Canon … Continue reading