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1801 – the Alexander frieze in Maroudá

Almost all paintings and fresco’s in Athos show us religious scenes: the live of Christ, Holy Saints and stories from the Bible are told on the murals. You will not find any secular images, because Athos monks focus on their … Continue reading

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1987 – another look at the interior of the cell of Maroudá

My Athos friend Jan Paul ten Bruggencate, who just cellebrated his 87th birthday this month and who will be visiting Athos again in May (respect!), has been visiting the cell of Maroudá many times. He gave me the advice to … Continue reading

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1945 – Maroudá, deepening insights.

A few more pictures to give you a more detailed impression of the kellion of Maroudá, which belongs to Chilandariou. The official title of the place is: “Holy Cell of the Nativity of the Mother of God”.A nicely decorated water … Continue reading

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1944 – Maroudá, crosses and chants

The special and intimate place called Maroudá is described on this website many times and extensively by Wim (see the following posts: 1789, 1801, 1802, 1805 and 1809). It was our first encounter there. We were welcomed by some pilgrims … Continue reading

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1900 – Athos book title list: version 1.03.1

This number 1900 gives me the opportunity to update the book list (also see post 1400, that was last updated 11th of May 2016). Our first list dates from March 27th 2011 (post 1207). Today I can add 18 book … Continue reading

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1763 – Around Zografou (second day, first leg)

The morning started with my coronation as king of snoring. It is surprising to have a won a prize without any awareness. Pilgrim Herman went to the monastic kitchen to find some food to bring along. He came back empty … Continue reading

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1400 – Mount Athos book title list

Last updated 14/08/2019 Dear readers, We proudly present this list of Athos books, that we collected in the past years. We do not pretend to present a complete list of books, but it is slowly growing (about 160 – 2013). … Continue reading

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1207 – The Mount Athos book titles list

The most recent booklist is at nr. 1400 (newly edited 12/04/2013) Dear Readers, We do not pretend to present a complete list of books, but it is slowly growing (about 160 – 2013). As you can see, we mostly pay attention … Continue reading

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629 – Books: Walpole

Walpole’s compilation, confusingly edited, contains extracts from the papers of Dr Philip Hunt and letters from Professor Carlyle recounting their 1801 visit to Athos and investigations of libraries and manuscript holdings. It also includes a few short extracts from the … Continue reading

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623 – the Molyvokklisia kellion near Karyes – I

On a path from Karyes to Vatopedi you can find an old kellion with beautiful fresco’s. Molyvokklisia The path between Morouda and Molyvokklisia, two weeks ago Map of this area near Karyes (from Zwerger) Our Greek friend Giannis from this … Continue reading

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