2295 – Portraits of Athos monks in 1963. The festivities of a thousand years of Athos, Part 4

Ger Dommerholt with his photographic equipment during his 1963 pilgrimage to Athos.

Ger Dommerholt, who visited Athos with his friend Jan in 1963 and attended the 1000th anniversary festivities is an enthusiastic photographer. We have already shown a number of photos of him in previous posts.

We have saved most of the monk portraits for this post. Ger explicitly asked all the subjects if it was okay for him to take a photo of them. These are the surprising images from 60 years ago.

A monk hitting the semantron, calling for service


Another monk hammering the semantron at Xeropotamos.
Three monks at a harbour
A young monk in Iviron
A monk walking in the courtyard of Great Lavra
The monk who traveled from the Great Lavra to Kavsokalivia, the day after the celebrations for the 1000th anniversary of the foundation of Lavra. See also post 2291
This monk, called Aristeides, asked for this picture where he was closing the gate of Xiropotamou for the night. Ger did send the picture to him
probably a worker

Texts: Bas Kamps

Photos: Ger Dommerholt

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