2289 – An Athos exhibition in Haarlem, The Netherlands

The nice cover of Sydney Loch’ sThe Holy Mountain

The Art Center Haarlem (Kunst Centrum Haarlem, gallery and art library), the Netherlands regularly exhibits collections of fellow citizens. The exhibition takes place in a little shop window of the organization and can only be seen from the street side.

Herman Voogd and Bas Kamps in front of the exhibition october 2023

Bas Kamps and I are currently presenting parts of our Athos collection until December 2023. The shop window is called “the smallest museum in Haarlem”. On display are, among other things, a copy of Sidney Loch’s book The Holy Mountain, the book of the German expedition (Mönchsland Athos 1943) by Dölger, our own photos, an icon, a stone of gray marble from the mountain itself, and so on.

Director Martina Raymakers of the Art Center Haarlem

A small opening ceremony was organized by the director of the Center with approximately 25 guests. Among the guests were two men who had also visited Athos and we got to know them better. We will tell the interesting story of Ger who visited Athos in 1963 later in this blog.

Herman Voogd

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