2288 – Vatopedi at night

After compline (= prayers at the end of the day) the monastery comes to a rest. Most of the monks go to their cells. Some of the pilgrims gather at the coffee machine. Others go to their rooms. The gates are closed. The inhabitants are walled in. The outside world is excluded. There is no escape to the kiosk nor is it possible to take a stroll around the monastery. It is very quiet. No more sounds of people working. I decided to wander around in the secluded spaces where the light faded away slowly.

A night view from the guest quarters. The moon is already visible above the hill. There is light in the rooms of the abbot, who resides on the top floor of the mediaeval tower behind the bell.

A monk rushed by towards the old guestrooms. The picture is taken above the main entrance on a wall with battlements.

A view from the second floor of the old guest quarters. On the left is the church of the Holy Girdle.

On the left, not visible on this picture, are the coffee machines. After compline many pelgrims go there for a Greek coffee or a herbal tea and a conversation. There are two long tables available for the pilgrims. With our FOMA-team we frequently sat there. Sometimes Father Matthew came to talk about the path clearing program of the next day.

Some of the pelgrims gathered and chatted on the stairs in front of the old guest house.

Bas Kamps

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