2283 – The second day of the path clearing expedition (part 1)


The second day started at sunrise. Our team was only four men. Three of our men joined an Athos fireman for what would become a tiring day for them. The fireman had electric equipment to cut himself through hidden paths that were to become both a rescue for monks living in isolated cells as an access route for the firemen to the source of fire. So FOMA delivers a mayor contribution to the prevention of bush fires as well.

cross with Vatopedi in the background

This photo is taken from a chapel called Efthymiou, that was erected to commemorate the dramatic events that took place nearby where now this cross is placed. Three monks were hanged at the place of the cross. And many more monks were drowned in the sea surrounding the rock.

The path gives views back on Vatopediou.

The aim of our mission for the day was to clear the first part of the coastal path from Vatopedi to Esfigmenou. It is an beautiful path that leaves the coast from the chapel, winds up to 75 meters and then returns to a beach. In the middle we found an overgrown passage, that we couldn’t handle with our loppers; too many pricky bushes and very long bramble sprouts. That passage needed electrical equipment, so we decided. Luckily we found a bypass via an olive grove and a dirt road. Two man were resting in the shade of an olive tree. They had been harvesting the olives.


The beach gives a wonderful view on the Monastery. But there is quite a lot of pollution from the non-holy world, mainly consisting of a wide variety of plastic objects, especially plastic bottles and caps. Probably the objects floated from the island of Thassos or from the Greek mainland to this deserted beach. A ocean clean-up would be worthwhile here. I was told that there have been actions to remove the rubbish before. But it is needed again.

Bas Kamps

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  1. Heinrich Μιχαήλ says:

    These kids in Sikinos, are taught by their headmaster Anastasia Lagou in a very orthodox faithful way – by tears – how important the protection of our precious environment of any pollution is – even then, if pollution seem to destroy life – there is a solution – offered by the humble shark – cry tears of sorrow and safe the life of Alisachni!!!

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