2281 – Athos pilgrimage 2023: members of the FoMA footpath clearing group

September 17th: 32 FoMA members on the ferry from Ouranopolis

This year the Friends of Mount Athos (FoMA) organized a footpath clearing mission on the Holy Mountain. From Sunday 17th to Saturday the 30thSeptember the different teams split up and went to their locations in a number of monasteries, including a ‘walking group’, The team members have done a lot of work -in warm weather conditions-, to keep to monopati and kalderimi on Athos in good condition: thanks to Dimitris, Peter, Neil, William, Pieter, Spiros, Richard, Matthew, Adamos, Christopher, Andrew, Lukas, Bart, Tjeu, Bas, Eugene, Philip, Roger, Stefan, Mark, Jan, Daniel, Arthur, Predrag, Matthew, Terry, Peter, Christopher, John, Herman, Travis, Gregory, Abraham, John, Lampos, Martin and Aleksandar.

The Sografou-team, ready to go at day one: from left to right: team leader Roger, Abraham, Pieter, Lukas and Wim
The Vatopedi-team: from left to right: Philip, Richard, Matthew, Terry, Bas, Peter, Eugene and Steven (photo by Father Matthew)
The Dionysiou-team: from left to right: Herman, Tjeu, team leader Bart, Jan and Peter

My brother Herman, Bas and I spend one week with the FoMA. After this week three friends from Holland arrived in Ouranopolis and on Sunday September 24th we went back to Athos for another pilgrimage. We split up into two groups and visited different monasteries. Our reports of these four days will follow soon on this weblog.

The Dutch pilgrims: from left to right: Bas, Wim, Gert Jan, Herman, Jacques and Jitze.

Wim Voogd, 10-10-2023

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  1. Dimitrios says:

    God bless you all for your labors and gifts.

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