2272 – forest fire extinguished near Lavra July 8th 2023

Last Saturday, July 8, 2023 at 7:00 a.m a forest fire broke out in the area of Gourounodes, 5 kilometers northwest of Megisti Lavra (near Lakkou Skiti?) without, however, threatening any monastery.

A still from a footage on Facebook by Monachos Theologos: the fire helicopter near Lavra (photos by DRAKOULIS GEORGIOS)

The extinguishing operation involved four water cannons and one helicopter with continuous water drops, eleven vehicles with 43 firefighters and three groups of infantry departments.

The firetrucks. Source: Athoszone

The site Athos Zone (monk Theologian Lavriotis) wrote an article abuot the fire (in Greek) and published some photo’s.

The fire burned in an impassable ravine in the southern part of Mount Athos, far from a residential area. Shortly after 3 p.m. Saturday, firefighters managed to contain the front of the fire.

Fire fighters in forest (source: still from the Facebook footage of Theologos Monachos: photos by DRAKOULIS GEORGIOS)
The fire fighters (source: Athos Zone)

According to Voria.gr the fire was started shortly after midnight by lightning, that fell into an impassable ravine at the Gournoudes location and smoldered throughout the evening. The first flames appeared early in the morning and due to the winds blowing in the area it quickly grew in size.

Monk Theologos Lavriotis expressed his gratitude as well as his warm thanks to the fire brigade for putting out the fire in a forest area northwest of the monastery of Megistis Lavra.

Wim Voogd, 12/7/2023

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