2270 – a new discovery near Vatopedi monastery: an aqueduct!

In the morning of September 30th 2022 our FoMA footpath clearance team made an extraordinary discovery in the woods behind Vatopedi monastery. We followed the gravel road inland and first passed an apple orchard, where monks were busy harvesting:

FoMA signs near Vatopedi, the path to Konstamonitou and Docheiariou

Soon after we reached the orchard:

The orchard, full with plenty of apples to be harvested

We followed our way along the valley and the small, almost dried up stream, and arrived at the spot where we had to go up hill to clean the monopati.

clearing the paths with fallen trees
12.10 h Time for a break and lunch (with Bart, our teamleader)

If you walk a littlebit further along the valley and the stream, you will come to this new discovery, an aqueduct. I don’t think that this place has ever been published on the internet (or anywhere else) before!

The new discovery: the Vatopedi aqueduct
The aqueduct: the right side, also with three smaller arches
The main arch of the aqueduct, seen from the other side
The view from above: the aqueduct is almost completely hidden by trees and bushes
the brook with clear water
Probably a brown frog
The Vatopedi aqueduct video

Wim Voogd, 21 June 2023

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