2262 – a drone footage of three towers of Mount Athos

Video made by Monk T on 5th of March/May 2021

This footage is made by monk T and shows three towers of the Holy Mountain: the first one is Palaiopyrgos, the ruins of an old tower between the arsanas of Sografou and Konstamonitou, for more information read this post on our weblog: 2221. The second tower is the one of Karakallou on the East coast. also see post 2127. And the last tower is the Amalfi tower, near Morfonou beach, a remnant of an old Katholic monastery, that once stood on this spot (before 1054?).

For more infomation about the towers on Athos I can recommand this book: The Towers of Mount Athos from 2001 and this collecters item with woodprints from all towers.

Wim Voogd, 7-3-2023

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