2242 – the documentary “Adam where are you?”: premiere in August in the Netherlands

In post 2222 from October 2021 I published the news about a new Athos documentary, made by the Ukrainian director Alexander Zaporoshchenko and producer Alexander Pliska. At that time it was uncertain when the premiere in the West would follow.

Gérontas Grigórios from Docheiariou (see post 2222)

Last week our dear reader Vasilís pointed out to me that the film will be playing in Holland in August this year. The organiser, Katia Novikova, told me that the film would have its premiere in Rotterdam on August 14th, but now it turns out that the film will be shown in other cities sooner.

In Rotterdam the original film is shown in Ukrain language (and Greek) at 14.30 h, later that afternoon 17 h the film is subtitled in Dutch. Tickets can only be ordered by phoning Katia on 06-2170 3480. Be quick, because there only 80 tickets available in this location:

August 14th: Het Klooster Oude Noorden, Ruivenstraat 81 3036 DD Rotterdam.

Mr Alexander Pliska will also be present and give an introduction. The prize for a ticket is € 10,00, but it is much appreciated if an extra amount can be donated, because this benefits Urkrainian refugees (and Alexander Pliska is one of them). Katia will sent you a payment request (Tikkie).

Katia in the meanwhile managed to arrange more presentations, first in Breda on August 3th in the church of the protestantse gemeente Ginneken gebouw “Mariendal” Duivelsbruglaan 21, 4835 JD Breda. Tickets are available at the venue – see poster below.

Below can see the latest developments where and when the film will be shown in The Netherlands:

1. August 3th 19.00 h: Breda (see above),

2. August 4 and 11th in De Balie Amsterdam (tickets online available on the website) from 18/7.

3. August 6th; Den Haag 17 h: Filmhuis Den Haag, tickets online,

4. August 14th: Middelburg Cinema Middelburg 15.00 h.,

5. August 14th and 26th: 14.30 and 18 h, Rotterdam (see information above),

6. August 16th: Den Haag, Filmhuis, Spui 191: tickets online.

7. August 20th 19.30 h in “gemeenschapshuis Acropolis in Megen, Broeder Everardusplein 1 5366 BE. You can reserve/buy tickets online.

8. August 24th: Amsterdam, De Thomas(kerk), Prinses Irenestraat 36, tickets online, 19.30 h.

9. August 26th: Rotterdam, Het klooster Oude Noorden. Ruivenstraat 81, 3036 DD, 18.00 h.

10. August 28th: Antwerp Belgium, Kinepolis 16.45 h (NL), 19.45 h (Rus), tickets online

11. August 29/30/31th: Thessaloniki, Cine Alex summer Theatre 23.00 h.

12. August 31th: Haarlem Noord Verhalenhuis – Van Egmondstraat 7 2024 XL, 19.30 h.

Official trailer on YouTube:

Wim Voogd, 6-7-2022 (update 27-7)

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