2241 – an update: file a complaint against the new large scale commercial company “Avaton water”on the Holy Mountain

According to this weblog the drilling for mineral water is being carried out without the permission of the Iera Epistatia – the Holy Community- !! The writer of this weblog also asks the question how far the secularization of modern Mount Athos will go?

If you want to know more about the buisenes plan of Avaton water and the people behind it, read this article in Greek by George Lampiris in Capital.gr (use Google Translate).

the new factory

And VolodK added this new information to the previous post 2237 , to file your complaint correctly (thanks Volod)! The factory is still missing the final permit but it is said it’s on the way! Let’s try to stop this madness, maybe it is not too late?

Text Volod: “Searching here I found these are the correct information for the company. The rest of the VAT number is 192552 (I made a free account) so please update the complaint form accordingly because the other company is in Cyprus so the complaint to the Greek authorities is void”.

Wim Voogd, 19/6 and 27/6

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