2234 – Xiropotamou monastery – part 1

In post 2204 I published the hike from Dafni to Xiropotamou. Today we take a look at the outside of the monastery and the surrounding area.

Plan of the monastery made by Mylonas in 1980
Drone footage of Xiropotamou 29-07-2020
The entrance: the South East wall of the monastery

First I walked with my camera to the South West wall:

The South West wall
according to this stone carved inscription build in 1837
Chimneys, cells and balconies South West wall
The kitchen gardens

On the left of the pictures above you see a low tower. At the time that Barski made his drawing of the monastery in 1725, this tower protruded slightly more from the wall and there was a second entrance to the monastery:

Xiropotamou by Barski 1725
Looking back from the monastery to Dafni
The North West wall
NW- wall right side
NW wall – the middle (with a lemon tree)
NW- wall left side
The road to Dafni and Karyes with a gatehouse and barrier: here the bus stops nearby

The North East wall consists of two parts and has a large kink:

First part: the right side in the North
Behind the olive trees: the second part of the North East wall
The second part of the NE wall, with a gate
The surrounding building at the NE wall, with a aqueduct
The aqueduct seen from the other side
surrounding buildings NE wall
More surrounding buildings at the SW wall, with the ossuary in the background (the white building right from the cypress trees)
The South West wall with benches and pottery
SW wall: the backdoor that leads to the guesthouse – archondariki
the path leading to the ossuary
The entrance / gate to the ossuary
Outside the monastery walls: the graveyard and the ossuary (Mylonas plan – 2000)
The graveyard of Xiropotamou
the ossuary
This place is not really neatly organized, to put it mildly.
An old rusted water mill near the ossuary

Wim Voogd

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