2231 – progress of the new building in Karyes

Vasilis sent us these two recent pictures from the centre of Karyes, where the large new construction gets its final shape. The pictures are stills from a short video footage, made by Ruslan Pylipko today (26-1). Look at the snow that coverd the dome of the chapel, it has been cold in Greece the past days! (also read this post –2212).

Karyes, 26-1-2022
Karyes, 26-1-2022

Wim Voogd, 26-1 (thanks Vasílis)

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3 Responses to 2231 – progress of the new building in Karyes

  1. Gerard Koolschijn says:

    Thanks, Mr Voogd.
    Seeing this I think to be sure I’ll never return to the Holy Mountain.

  2. Branko says:

    Beton na svetoj zemlji deluje odvratno i ubija patinu godina
    Concrete on the holy land looks disgusting and kills patina for years

  3. Bertinos says:

    This is just the structural skeleton…
    Any new building in Greece (including the Holy Mountain) has to be earthquake proof, so this kind of “core” is inevitable.
    I’m curious what the rest of the construction will be like (any plans available?), but I’m 100% sure that it will NOT be concrete, steel and glass. Quite on the contrary.
    In the end, it will almost certainly blend in more than the Holy Epistasia building.

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