2226 – photos from buildings to be renovated in Dafni

One of our readers Vlado Bespalov was so kind share the pictures he took in October 2021 of the buildings belonging Simonospetras in Dafni. The are to be renovated and the work is already in progress:

The old buildings in Dafni with an forklift (notice the solar panels on top of the roof!).

A hallway inside the building, and belwo a bedroom and another hallway
A large (and famous) icon of the Panaghia, here shown as the Patrones of Athos
Lists of paintings, windows and old stones in a room
Prayer chairs and a door the balcony overlooking the sea
The balcony overlooking the sea and the harbour
The stairs going down

Thanks to Vlado Bespalov. In the near future I will write another post about these buildings and show you the pictures I made on this spot in 2019.

Wim Voogd, 18-12-2021

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