2202 – Grigoriou: photo overview, a tour from the arsanas to the Katholicon

The arsanas of Grigoriou, with the boat Agia Anna arriving at 10 PM

The boat house at the arsanas is being renovated (Oktober 2019)

Monks working on oil-smeared cables

Arsanas Grigoriou, with a “second archondariki” on the left. The main archondariki is inside monastery walls, where you can stay when there not too many pilgrims.

The stairs that lead to the “second archondariki”.

The interior of the “second archondariki”: a large sleeping room for big groups of pilgrims and with many bunk beds.

The path from the arsanas goes up to the main entrance. On this spot with the stairs, the monopati leads you to Dionysiou.

Looking down at the arsanas: large cypress trees and houses with beautiful balconies frame the path

Grape vines provide shade on the path to the entrance

The main entrance with its portico and two Corinthian pillars. Above the doors and behind glass is a painting of Ag. Grigoriou.

The text above the door from 1896.

The ceiling of the portico with a dove, the symbol of the Holy Spirit.

The hall that leads to the first courtyard, with on the right a door for the door-keeper.

The red door to the door-keepers room.

A view of the first courtyard, with again grape vines providing shade. On the right are the rooms of the archondariki. On the left in the backgrond is the phiale with its beautiful paintings, read more about it here.

The first courtyard: looking back at the main entrance

Two more images of the first couryard

The water tap in the first courtyard

The door to the second courtyard with in a niche – behind glass – a mosaic of Saint Grigoriou “O Ktitor”, offering the katholicon, surrounded by paintings

This is how it looked like 10 years earlier, in 2009.

The hall that leads to the second courtyard, with a large wooden semantron and a smaller iron version.

The second courtyard, with on the right the stairs that go up to the archondariki, on the left teh katholicon.

The doors to the katholicon

In the wall next to the entrance doors: on the left painted tiles and on the right stone carved haut- and bas relief decorations with Christain symbols, with one special plant- of palm tree like image.

The roof of the katholicon of Grigoriou

The outside walls of the katholicon, with remnants of different colors paint

Walking around the katholicon: beautiful masonry walls from 1783

The famous palm tree, by which it is easy the identify the Grigoriou monastery on pictures. A yuca plant is trying to compete in hight.

The katolicon seen from a different angle.

And another photo of the katholicon: behind it in the South, you can see the rocks, where the slopes of the Holy Mountain start.

Wim Voogd, 18 April 2021

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  1. Sean Surlow says:

    Thanks for the photo shoot.
    Very Nice as usual!

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