2197 – Grigoriou: the graveyard and ossuary

Behind the second courtyard and the katholicon there is a hallway that leads to the back gate of the monastery.

Grigoriou, seen from a Cessna, 2017: at the white arrow the cemetary is found (not seen here)
window at the hallway, with a view to the South coast
the back gate of the monastery

Immediately after leaving the monastery you will see the ossuary and the graveyard.

The graveyard of Grigoriou with seven graves and a pine tree. The ossuary is in the background.
Three graves: on the left monk Joseph, died 17-6-2008, aged 92, in the middle Archimandritis Georgios, died 26-5-2014, aged 74 and on the right monk Spiridon, died 1-10-2015, also aged 92 years old.
Left: the grave of monk Xandros, he died 12-04-2016 aged 75 years.

The South wing of the monastery, seen from the graveyard.

Looking up from the same spot: at the top level, the Ag. Dimitrios chapel and a building above the back gate, with the pine from the cemetary.

The ossuary of Grigoriou, with the Agii Pantes (All Saints) chapel inside

Inside the ossuary: on the left side bones are pilled up

In the centre: the skulls of the deceased monks with icons and the old crosses of their graves.

detail of the different skulls with names on it

The back gate from 1997 to go back to the monastery.

Wim Voogd, 17-3-2021

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