2195 – The Evangelistria

Trypiti harbour

Not only Ouranoupolis has a live webcam but also the harbour of Trypiti, situated at the end of Xerxes Canal. Today many trucks and vans are wating for the Evangelistria, a special boat to Athos for trucks and vans with materials, supplies and wood on the way back.

the ferry from Ammouliani

Before the Evangelistria arrives the ferry from the Island of Ammouliani moors the harbour. Most of the waiting trucks and vans will not cross with the ferry to the island because their destination is Athos.

The Evangelistria is arriving

Then the boat to Athos arrives. The trailer, last in line, carries a large roler for flattening asphalt. For me a bad sign, for I am against more roads on the peninsula. But maybe they will use the roler for the recovery of the road to Karyes. This road, the first road on Mt Athos made in 1963, was badly damaged due to landslides in 2020.

The last truck

When the last truck, with a large part of a crane, boards the Evangelistria the Ammouliani ferry is already returning from the island. It is astonishing how they get all these vehicles in one boat.

The Evangelestria is leaving

The truck has left the ferry and the Evangelistria is sailing for Athos. It will take the boat approximately 2 -2,5 hours to go to Dafni, first passing Ouranoupolis.

Almost out of sight
The Evangelistria in Dafni

More live “action” on the Trypiti webcam.

Herman Voogd

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