2194 – Grigoriou monastery: a closer look and ‘crushing’ the olives

Let’s resume the post about Grigoriou monastery, that I visited on the 2nd of October 2019. I started in post 2156 in Juli last year by showing pictures of the trapeza. Today we will continue, starting in the second courtyard, at the entrance and stairs that lead to the guesthouse/arcontariki – Z1 and near B1 on the floor plan of the monastery below.

Plan of Grigoriou – from Mylonas 2000
The second courtyard with the stairs to the archondariki and the katholicon

Next to the half-round stairs that lead to the arcondariki is the bell-tower, A-1 on the plan.

The archondariki and on the right the bell-tower

In the second courtyard we saw boxes and barrels full with fresly harvested olives. Later that evening we found out where this was for.

The second courtyard: green olives in salt water and boxes
The second courtyard: the olives on a long table and wooden hammers (!?)

Later that evening: together with other pilgrims and monk we were invited to help “crushing” the green olives and pun them in salt water: there was an elated and cheerful mood while monks and pilgrims were working together at the long table.

The door to Ag. Grigorios chapel- look at the two clocks on the right wall with different times (7.45 h. Athos time and 15.35 h. Greek time)
Ag. Grigorios chapel with five fine mosaics

Next to the main church is small chapel, called dedicated to saint Grigorios (α on the plan)

The exo-narthex of the katholicon, with one main entrance in the middle and two small doors at the right and left side.

The dome of the exo-narthex with chandelier with real candles

Exo-narthex: the right site door with a painting of ag. Nicolaos above it, two female Saints and Ag. Grigorios on the right.

Exo-narthex: between the right door and the main door: archangel Michael and king David and Jesaja above.

exo-narthex: the ain door with inlaid wood/the dubble headed eagles, with a painting of the Panaghia and the child Jesus above it.

exo-narthex: left from the main entrance of the katholicon- archangel Gabriel with Izechiel and Solomon above.

Exo-narthex: above the left door- Ag. Grigorios presenting the katholicon with Simeon in the left corner Saint Simeon of the pillar.

On one of the walls in the exo-narthes: an icon of Ag. Barnabas and Ag. Paulos, also presenting a church.

This is the door leading out of the exo-nartex to other rooms and the phiale (B1 on the plan above).

Wim Voogd, 9/2

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  1. Bertinos says:

    The “two female saints” are St. Anastasia the Roman and St. Julitta (with St. Cyricus – French: Saint Cyr).

    Saint Barnabas and Saint Paul are the founders of the Church of Cyprus. So, “a Church” is a symbolic representation of the Church of Cyprus.

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