2190 – Markos Kampanis: new artwork

Vatopedi mural, 2013, 220 x 300 cm

Greek artist, Markos Kampanis who made the large mural at the entrance of Vatopedi monastery have made two new paintings on wood for the new building of the (non-religious) Administration of Mount Athos in Karyes. The artworks will be placed this year.

Athos, 2020

A complete, detailed view of the peninsula by Kampanis in the style of the traditional prints that are made of Agion Oros.

Konakis in Karyes with on the right the building of the Epistasia, 2020

detail Konakis, Karyes, 2020

Each monastery has a delegation house in the capital Karyes, called konakis. Here the 20 konakis with in the middle the Protaton church and tower.

The new Administration of Mt. Athos building

More works by Kampanis on his site.

Herman Voogd

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