2183 – The stairway to the guestrooms of Vatopedi

Vatopedi staircase 1938

This nice photograph is from the book Tour de Grece by Amadee Ozenfant from 1938. The heavily packed mules just passed the main entrance and came a long way over the monopati, probably from Karyes. In the background the stairs to the guestrooms of Vatopedi. I assume this are not pilgrims but muleteers who are bringing supplies to the monastery.

the stairs in 2009

This is the last climb that pilgrims have to endure after a long walk. In 2009 we walked the coastal path from Mylopotamos to Vatopedi with stops in Iviron, Stavronikita and Pantokratoros.

stairs in 2019

In 2019 we walked from Pantokratoros to Vatopedi also along the coast but first taking a detour to Profiti Elias. Here, already without backpacks, we climb to our room.

Herman Voogd

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