2160 – the coronavirus is once again troubling Athos

While everywhere in the world the amount of corona infections is on the rise again, also more measures against the spreading of the virus are being taken on Athos, so tells us Othodoxtimes on August 6th:

At Mount Athos only a limited number of visitors are allowed daily, which is 20 for each Monastery and 5 for each cell. At the same time the Holy Community recommends to avoid overcrowding in the archontariki, the trapeza and the church. Visitors should avoid visiting other monasteries or cells. It is also recommended in the Monasteries to avoid inviting pilgrims from abroad. At the same time, the political authorities of Mount Athos carry out controls on land and sea transport for the use of a mask by passengers, which is mandatory. The Monastery of Iviron has already announced that it will not host pilgrims and that on the feast of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary, August 15, the guests will be few.

Ivriron monastery 2009

Luckily there are no reports of infected monks on the Holy Mountain.

Wim Voogd, 7/8 (for old news about corona and Athos look here)

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