2159 – The fast-walking monk from Vatopedi

the fast-walking monk

On our way to Vatopedi in 2019 we suddenly were caught up by a very fast walking monk that raced past us. Of course we tried to have a chat but he turned his head smiling and told us, in perfect English with an American accent, that Vatopedi was not far. Though not unfriendly he refused to make conversation and did not lose speed.

entrance Vatopedi

Not long after this short meeting we reached the monastery. The monk behind the counter of the room at the entrance was acting if he knew that we were coming and said that he already booked two twin rooms for us. The fast monk had already announced our arrival!

Vatopedi room

We were very happy with our nice rooms for two, so no sharing the space with other pilgrims. We told ourselves that the fast-walking monk had specially arranged these two beautiful rooms. He didn’t want to be distracted by us while walking but provided us with the best rooms in the monastery.

the view

Not only private rooms but also a beautiful view on the Vatopedi courtyard. We were VIP’s in Vatopedi!

Herman Voogd

elaborate Athonite-style built-in stoves


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3 Responses to 2159 – The fast-walking monk from Vatopedi

  1. gerard koolschijn says:

    Nice story, Herman, with nice photographs!

  2. Dimitris says:

    A few years ago I was at Vatopaidi I was called to help with the room cleaning process. In the first floor (or second, I can’t recall) they have some really nice rooms with ornate ceilings, elaborate Athonite-style built-in stoves, corridors with paintings and antique furniture, and I remember one room even had a balcony. I would love to stay in those.

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