2154 – Athos art from Greek painter Baloukos

Today I will receive three icon from Athos that I bought on Catawiki, two of them painted by father Antoniou from Skiti Agia Anna, from who I bought my first icon from Agios Georgios in 2012. To find some more information about this icon painter, I stumbled upon this site from Christos Baloukos.

Mr Baloukos painted very different scenes from the Holy Mountain, starting with this Van Gogh like oil panting of a dirt road on Athos, with its blue skies and unmistakable colors and scenery.

The courtyard of Xeropotamou (oil painting).

Monks in Karyes

The kirakion in Kavsokalivia.

The painter himself, mr Christos Baloukos (thanks to this site). I wonder if his paintings are for sale and what the prizes are….

Wim Voogd

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  1. Hello mr Wim Voogd, i am fan to your site many years. I have painted a watercolor based from a photo i found here in the blog.
    Before some years I have tried to contact you. Thank you so much for the article.
    All of my paintings are for sale and for more information’s, please sent me an email: cbaloukos@gmail.com
    The next months I will work mainly on mount Athos based themes and I also take commissions.
    Thank you again – Christos Baloukos Greece

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