2153 – Plants, Rocks and Stones

South slope of Mount Athos

Some plants don’t need vertile soil, rocks will do perfectly. This a Geranium Purpureum or a Geranium Robertianum.


Rocks and stones are a good surface for some plants such as the Euphorbia in the Russian settlement of Thebais.


Even this tree, a cypress, found this wall to grow on.


The former Russian skite of Andreou has still many ruins where plants find their way.


A plant with leaves like sage (Salvia officinalis) on a wall of a ruin in Karyes.


This beautiful old monastery wall has many vegetation between the stones.

near Panteleimonos

This small fern (Asplenium) can be found in the humid environment of the old watermill next to Panteleimonos.


In front of the Sografou monastery, lies a small workers village covered with vegetation, mostly creepers. The wall in the background is from the road to the monastery.


Even this single branch fig (Ficus carica) has found a place.

Herman Voogd

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