2152 – Wood engravings by Schmied and Goulden


These colour-printed wood-engraved plates are made by Francois – Louis Schmied (1873 – 1941) after paintings by Jean Goulden (1878 – 1946) a major in the Eastern Army Corps of France.

Silver, glass and enamel vase, 1926 by Goulden

When Goulden stayed on Mount Athos during the 1st World War,  he learned about the Byzantine art of enamel. He made several works with the enamel technique , such as this vase.

Chilandariou, detail

These two works belong to a first edition of 77, folio (415 x 304 mm) with a total of 45 plates, 19 views on Saloniki, 7 views of the Macedonian Valley, and 19 views of Mount Athos. The complete first edition is now for sale at Sotheby’s.

Herman Voogd

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