2149 – random photos in chronological order – no 4

I will start this post with four photographs from the first (?) Athos bus, a Mercedes Benz, that arrived on Athos during the millenium celebrations in 1963. This picture is at the arsanas of Iviron dates from this period.

On this color picture at Dafni harbor the same bus appears, with its light blue color.

Even in 1989 the same bus is still in use, as this picture from my own library shows.

Although this photo of unknown date might suspect that even an older bus was in use since 1963….. (in the harbor of Dafni)


nr 1 – Two monks resting at the portico of Dionysiou (near the famous apocalyptic scenes of John on the opposite wall).

nr 2 – The hermitage of Monk Gabriel near Prodromou / Cape Akratos.

nr 3 – Panteleimonos monastery, before the big fires in the guesthouse.


nr 1 – Skiti Andreou

nr 2 – Dionysiou monastery and arsanas

nr 3 – Esfigmenou monastery: at that time without the banner “Orthodoxy or Death” on the outside wall.

nr 4 – Grigoriou monastery: without the palm tree, that is so characteristic in the present days.

nr 5 – Iviron monastery

nr 6 – Karakallou monastery, with in the background the Timiou Stavrou kellion.

nr 7 – Lavra, with the three graves of the Patriarch on the left.

Lavra, december 1956: a Christmas card from the French embassy in Greece.

nr 8 – Simonospetras and a photo of mules near the monastery.

nr 9 – Sografou monastery

nr 10 – Vatopedi monastery

Exonarthex Vatopedi

Vatopedi clock tower

Vatopedi: Monk passing the door to the katholicon


Vatopedi: katholicon on the left


Esfigmenou: Monk with a pilgrim June 1959.

Wim Voogd, 19-06-2020

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    Très belles et émouvantes photographies.

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