2148 – random photos and articles in chronological order – no 3

1925 nr 1

In post 1418 we told the story of “Agathon the Fool”, here on a photo in Kavsokalivia. He was a simple layman who lived in abandoned monastic cells during the decades of the 1920’s and 1930’s.

1925 nr 2

These six drawings of Athonian buildings are from 1925: the first three images are from the trapezas of Esfigmenou, Lavra and Pantocratoros. The fourth image is from the bell tower of Vatopedi and the two last images are from monastery Docheiariou.

1926 nr 1

These pictures made in 1926 are from the French site Gallica, the national library of France, where many information about Athos can be found. This first photo is from Chilandariou.

nr 2 Another photograph od Chilandariou

nr 3 Esfigmenou monastery

nr 4 Dionysiou monastery

nr 5 Simonospetras – North facade

nr 6 Dionysiou monastery

nr 7 Xenofontos monastery wit Mount Athos in the background


nr 1 A street in Karyes, a photo by Walter Holz, during the occupation of Athos in the Second World War.

nr 2 and 3 Two photos of the entrance to a building, probably in Karyes.

nr 4 Karyes, with kitchen gardens and buildings in the background.

nr 5 and 6 The bell tower of Iviron


nr 1 Fishing boats near Kaliagra and Stavronikita. The house on the left now is in ruins.

nr 2 Fishermen pulling their nets on the beach

nr 3 and 4: scenes from every day life on Athos: fishermen on the beach pulling their nets.


A news item from October 1954: A Soviet Ambassador visits Mount Athos

(translated with Google from French to English:

Over the past month, mr. Sergieief, ambassador of the USSR in Athens, paid an unexpected visit to Mount Athos, knowing how to ask for the prior authorization of the Greek Government, no more than that of the congregation of Mount Athos.
Mr. Sergieief visited the Russian monastery of Saint Panteleimon and had a long talk with the Superior. During this conversation, the ambassador explained that not only does his government have anti-religious views but, on the contrary, he does his best to collaborate with religion, and that he will be ready to let the Russian monastery of Mont Athos exist by sending, just like at the time of Czars, material aid to the monks. The Superior replied that he did not need material aid and that the question of new monks sent from the USSR fell under the Patriarchate Constantinople.

Wim Voogd, 18-6

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