2131 – Living from land and garden: fruits and vegetables

Pantocrator 2019

This looks like Aloe Vera or another cactus-like succulent plant. Do they use for beverages or for medicinal uses?

Simonos Petras 2019

This wild spinach-like vegetable grows in the steep gardens of Simonos Petras.

Near Marmarenios Stavros, path over the central ridge on the way to Chera, 2017

A small cornfield in the middle of knowhere reachable by dirt road.

Lavra 2017

These artischokes and green peppers are growing in the large gardens of Megisti Lavra.

Nea Skiti 2015

Even in January the gardens of the individiul houses in Nea Skiti are full with red peppers.

Nea Skiti 2015

Oranges are coming down after a short but heavy period of snow.

Simonos Petras 2015

Photographed from above, pumpkins under a fig tree lying on one of the terraces of the garden.

Simonos Petras 2015

Kiwis can be picked when climbing from the harbour to the monastery.

Esfigmenou 2015

These cactus fruits can only peeled with protecting gloves.

Konstamonitou 2011

There are many sweet chestnuts trees in the area of Karyes, this one is near Konstamonitou.

Herman Voogd

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