2112 – Crossing the stone fall of Megali Sara

Between Nilou or Nilos and Prodromou the monopati runs over an impressive stone avalanche area called Megali Sara The path was formed by passing monks after the 1905 earthquake, that created the stone fall. The region is geologically quite unstable.

Here pilgrim Herman walks the rocky path.

The mountain is just not steep enough to get the stones rolling. Just not steep enough to start a new avalanche. The path is covered with loose rocks. Walking sticks provide a little bit more stability. But it is not difficult to sprain your ankles there.

Looking straight up from the path. Even in these harsh conditions plants find room for their roots in tiny crevasses. And they bloom. But after 115 years there is not much plant life there.

Looking down towards the deserted southern coast of Mount Athos. The dynamic clouds uncovered and covered different spots all the time. It was still a long way up to the 700 meter point, where the pleasant and quick descent to Prodromou starts.

We visited the path earlier; in 2013. See my earlier blog. More about the 1905 earthquake here. Daily reports on the Greek earthquakes the last two days here.

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