2107 – The most beautiful descent on Athos

The ancient footpaths of Athos are of an unprecedented beauty, that is a well-known fact. But what is the most beautiful stretch? The answer is not so easy. There are plenty of excellent candidates. In the category open landscapes I would like to suggest the decent from the skete Agios Nilos to the chapel Spileo Agios Nilos.

The bright marble path shines even when the sun is not out. The sea looks glorious from the height of the path. The trail is in very good condition. The vegetation is sparse on the dry southern slope, but the Euphorbia blooms abundant. Pilgrim Jacques is on his way to the chapel.

Pilgrim Herman approaches a giant Euphorbia.

Pilgrim Barry going down. The marble path awaits him. In the distance the next peninsula, Sithonia.

The three-way point between the harbour of Nilos, the stairs and the path between Kavsokalivia and the skete Nilos, as seen from the chapel.

Near the chapel a wooden Holy Cross is planted in a holm oak.

The rooftop of the chapel with the seemingly loose tiles.

Pilgrim Jacques is almost reaching the sky on the way back to the skete. The hill is quite steep but the path is broad and almost floats over the hill. The sea-mist gave us unlimited depth.

The view towards the summit where clouds played with its visibility. Nilos is just in sight on the right site of the photo.

We visited the path earlier; in 2013. See my blog, with enthusiastic remarks about this, probably, most beautiful descent on Athos.

Bas Kamps

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