2097 – Monastery of Agiou Paulou


18th century drawing by Barsky. The name Paulou came probably from Paul Xeropotamites founder of Xeropotamou monastery. Paulou started as a small dependance of this monastery but was not important enough to be mentioned in the Typikon of 1046.


Two of the first photographs (1853) ever of the monastery by Ernest de Caranza & Emile Charles Labbé. Very early photographic images. Photography was invented in 1839.


3 years after the first photos Edward Lear made this detailed drawing.


Mind the huge boulders that on various occasions came down from the mountain.


There was a huge fire in 1902. In 1911 a terrible flood caused by torrents destroyed a lot of buildings. After 1911 modern technology and materials, such as concrete and cast-iron were used in the reconstruction of the buildings


This photo shows the vulnerable location of the monastery. The danger came not only from the mountain in the form of avalanches and floods. In the 14th century pirates and Catalans raided the place several times. In 1522 the defense tower was build which overlooked the whole valley.

jan 2015

Paulou in winter.


The harbour of Paulou, which in antiquity was probably the site of the little town of Palaeochorion (Erich Feigl p. 158). Copper coins and other excavations point to a settlement from the year 100 and even to a place were monks lived in 400.

Herman Voogd

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