2094 – Ioannis Koukouzelis, singer and composer

St. John Koukouzelis depicted on a 15th-century musical codex 

Ioannis Koukouzelis or John Kukuzelis (Durrës, Albania 1280 –  Athos 1360) was a Byzantine medieval Orthodox Christian composer, singer and reformer of Orthodox Church music. Because of his singing abilities, he was called “Angel-voiced”. He was recognized as a saint by the Orthodox Church after his death. He spent his last years on Mount Athos, where he lived in the cell of the Archangels of the Great Lavra.

the location of the cell is not correct, Anargyri and Archangeli have been swapped. Map by Peter Howorth.
The correct position of the Cell of the Archangels, Archangali Kukuzelisa, thanks to Jemmo!
Cell of the Archangels 1853

This is the cell where John Kukuzelis lived. In the background the tower of Lavra monastery. This is one of the earliest photographs from the cell taken in 1853.

Cell of the Archangels by Dragan ” Jemmo” Jemuovic

A recent picture of the Cell of the Archangels where Kukuzelis lived.

Composer St. John Kukuzelis

An example of the beautiful music of John Kukuzelis.

Herman Voogd

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  1. Jemmo says:

    My dear friends, the first photo is not Archangelos. It’s Agii Paraskevi’s chapel. The second photo shows the Archangelos!

  2. Jemmo says:

    No! This is Agii Paraskevi!

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