2092 – a botanical paradise


Dried plants from Mount Athos are found in a herbarium from the Natural History Museum/ Smithsonian Institute in the US.


This European Hop or Hornbeam f.i. can de found on the slopes of the Mountain between Kerasia and Panagia. Also in the maquis above Lavra. This specimen was collected in 1926


In 1956 this cayenne pepper plant was collected on Mount Athos.

Stawberry tree

The Arbutus or Strawberry tree with the beautiful red colored trunk you will find alongside the Mount Athos footpaths.

Simonos Petras

The Arbutus tree on the left. More Mount Athos plants at the Smithsonian Institute. A very readable paper from 1934 about botany on the peninsula you can find here.

Herman Voogd

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