2062 – Xenofontos, a photo survey within the monastery, part 3

In post 2057 and 2061 I showed the first two courtyards of Xenofontos monastery (the red letters A and B on the map below).

Today we will take a closer look at courtyard C, that lies between the new katholicon and the tower (Aα and A1).

This picture is taken on the spot C on the map above: you see the tower and a small part of the katholicon on the right. On the left is the Northern gate to the kitchen gardens and the ossuary.
Building M3: the Northern gate and right from it, the winery/distillery
Modern stainless steel maceration containers

Unfortunately I did not have the possibility to buy (and try) the Xenofontos (sweet – Nama) wines, but you can find them here.

Photo from axiarxes-monastiriaka.gr
The tower and the ugly yellow crane (seen from the katholicon)
The tower: on the right you can see the iron stairs going up to higher floor and the bells
Courtyard C, seen from the new building and the entrance to the tower
The new East wing with the recently erected buildings, with a pink dome of a chapel, seen from the tower.
The new wing, with the katholicon on the right
The katholicon, seen from the same spot
Two haut-reliefs in the new building at the red arrows: I forgot to make detailed photos the read the texts….
The Xenofontos katholicon seen from the tower
Part of the katholicon and building M3: the Northern wing and the gate to the garden/ossuary, seen from the tower
The view to the North
The sea, Sithonia and roofs, seen from the tower
An iron and wooden semantron in the tower, the floor with the bells on the gallery below
The katholicon and the South wall
The new West wing
the East/South corner with a palm tree
The new East wing: balconies and gardens with a pine
the South wall; E1
The katholicon and the exo-nathex
18-09-2018 17h.: a bulgarian photographer was allowed to make pictures during the service, we were also present (thanks http://www.afon-balkani.org)
The exo-narthex
The semantron next to the entrance to the church
The main entrance door katholicon
Stained glass in the exo-narthex
The back-side of the katholicon
Stone plaquettes
Bricks of the katholicon: build in 1819
More details found in the walls of the katholicon: 1819
Side door to the katholicon
Detail of a cherub above the door
The Xenofontos phiale
detail of the fountain
The colorful ceiling of the phiale
Later that evening: time to relax on the pier
and see the sun go down over Chalkidiki.

This ends the photo survey of Xenofontos. Next time a post about the Iviron aquaduct.

Wim Voogd, 10th of July

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2 Responses to 2062 – Xenofontos, a photo survey within the monastery, part 3

  1. Martijn says:

    Dank voor deze gedetailleerde fotoseries. Heb zelf indertijd maar een deel van dit klooster gezien (laatste dag op doorreis). Was toen vooral erg onder de indruk van de trapeza (die toen net werd gerestaureerd). De zon knalde naar binnen en zette de hele zaal in een gouden gloed. Ook bijzonder was het poortgebouw met allemaal haakse hoeken om het te kunnen verdedigen.
    Was deze laatste exonarthex helemaal onbeschilderd?

  2. athosweblog says:

    Hoi Martijn, bedankt voor je reactie en aanvullingen. De exonarthex in de ‘nieuwe’ kerk is inderdaad helemaal onbeschilderd, vergelijkbaar met russische kerken op Athos. In het najaar ga ik onder meer naar Agiou Pavlou, ook daar verwacht ik een onbeschilderde kerk/exonarthex.

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