2058 – The glory of Agiou Andreou


The enormous skiti Agiou Andreou, with its many domes, emerged from the mist. Though merely a skiti, and belonging to Vatopedi (after the Russian period ended), it is much larger than many other monasteries on the Holy Mountain.

Inside the courtyard one can see a large building with four floors. It is in complete ruins. Pilgrims Herman and Barry wander around in the desolate scenery.

ruins Andreou

The same ruins from a different angle. Other buildings, as the red chapel, have already been restored. It is not clear what the fate of this building will be; will it be left to the elements or might it be restored? Let’s hope so.


Near one of the entrances of the guesthouse I found some flowering lilacs over a wheelbarrow.


The impressive katholicon to the left. The entrance to the trapeza is nowadays under the church.  


After entering through the central gate a square opens. To the right you will find a collection of big bells. To the left – behind some bushes – you can see a fountain that is not working. Black and white stones surround the fountain. The year of erection, 1841, is written with white stones. In those years is was a Russian skiti.

rain is coming

We left the skiti to go to Stavronikíta. We decided not to take the easy route via Ag. Nikólaos Bourazeri but instead to take the complicated route north of Andreou. In the meanwhile the weather changed. The mist concentrated to thick low clouds that reached to the surface of the earth. And it got wetter.

Read more about skiti Andreou here.  And here about the red chapel. For more historical information read this. About the Russian period see here and there.

Bas Kamps

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