2054 – the hike between Docheiariou and Xenofontos (with a small detour along the coastline)

On September 18th 2018 we walked the short track between Docheiariou and Xenofontos.

With the detour it is only 2 km and it takes less then half an hour.

First I will show some pictures at the beginning of the hike, near the entrance of the Docheiariou monastery.

the entrance of Docheiariou
The outer wall: different sizes and forms of chimneys and balcony with a creeper
The fountain
The tap with ancient Greek stones: a half moon, a bulls head and a text below
the ancient text
Domestic geese outside the gate
The kiosk, a place to rest and smoke, overlooking the sea (with pilgrim Jitze)
The four spots where I took the photos: IM Docheiariou and the churches of Panagías Diasózousas-Kollyvádon, Ag.Ioánnou Theológou and Agía Paraskevís Tou Vráchou
the valley near the first church, Panagías Diasózousas-Kollyvádon,where the path goes up
the church Panagías Diasózousas-Kollyvádon,with two bells and a portico
Panagías Diasózousas-Kollyvádon: the entrance doors to the church
Panagías Diasózousas-Kollyvádon: two apses with a marble relief in between
The marble relief of Saints and the panaghia with the child Jesus, flanked by angels.
Panagías Diasózousas-Kollyvádon: South facade
the second church along the coast path: Ag.Ioánnou Theológou, with its own belfry
After passing the church of Ag.Ioánnou Theológou the coast path ends….
Ag.Ioánnou Theológou: South facade
the higher path leading to the church Agía Paraskevís Tou Vráchou and Xenofontos
Agía Paraskevís Tou Vráchou: below you see Ag.Ioánnou Theológou
the beautiful blue dome of the church of Agía Paraskevís Tou Vráchou

The olive tree orchard

A little bit further you will arrive at a spot in a olive tree orchard, where you might take a wrong turn, as we did. We continued to walk straight and then you end up behind Xenofontos. Here you have to follow the signs going down to the sea (also see the first image in this blog, at the place of the red arrow).

The sign at the path leading to the sea
a lonely crocus flower
soon Xenofontos comes in sight
more signs
the place where the coast path to Docheiariou goes up. This is actually very near the spot where the coast path from Docheiariou ended (look at the rocks in the sea, they are similar to rocks on a picture above).
arriving at the beach of Xenofontos
a well near the beach, with an icon of Saint George (thanks Joseph Skinner): on a stone the text says “Agiasmos’, which means the water of the spring there has been blessed.
a house near the waterfront Agiou Gregoriou tou ‘Dysouritou’
a text on the house of the Megalomartyros Agiou Gregoriou tou ‘Dysouritou’
Arriving at Xenofontos, with lettuce growing in the kitchen garden.

Wim Voogd, 12-06

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2 Responses to 2054 – the hike between Docheiariou and Xenofontos (with a small detour along the coastline)

  1. RADU GABRIEL says:

    The unknown icon is Saint George . There on the beach it is the aghiasma of Saint George . Near ,also is a small chapel of Saint George with water .

  2. Joseph Skinner says:

    The ‘unknown saint’ is St George. The text on the rock is ‘Agiasmos’, which means the water of the spring there has been blessed.

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